In February of 2011 Modus Vivendii was formed as a blog showcasing the styles of three young Nigerian males who reside in London (Modus Vivendii translates to “our way of living” in Latin). Through the blog they were able to create an audience in which they could promote their sense of style and their view of fashion. As the blog evolved and attention drew to it, they began to work with upcoming brands such as Victate and also styled artists such as Big Sean and Labrinth in Victate clothing. As time moved forward the brand name was created and so was an avenue for the development of a clothing brand in which the team could use their style and creativity from the blog to build. This initiative was pushed further by Franca Sozzani (Editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia) who met with the team in January of 2012 and encouraged them to build a brand based on the style represented in the blog. In early 2012 the team met with fashion icon Roberto Cavalli who was so fond of them, he took and invited them to his show in Milan February 2012. This gave them the opportunity to be able to meet and connect with individuals in the fashion industry that would aid them in their goal. Upon the Teams return to London they began to build Modus Vivendii as street couture clothing brand that would bridge the gap between high fashion and street wear. This lead to further planning and development with various obstacles, however, the goal of Modus Vivendii remained to influence fashion. The team went to work and in July/August 2012 appeared in L’Uomo Vogue along side some of the top designers in the world today showcasing Modus Vivendii on an international stage. Today Modus Vivendii can be described as ‘Vogue endorsed street couture brand that aims to create the highest quality of clothing for its customers.’ They strive for this high quality to be consistent in all aspects of the brand.